Nina Ljeti is a Bosnian-Canadian filmmaker, currently based in Los Angeles. In 2013, she wrote and directed her first feature film, Memoria, which screened at festivals all around the world. Nina’s most recent work includes short films, music videos, and the documentary series L.A. LAND. Nina created, produced, and directed the series, which premiered to audience acclaim on Refinery29 in April 2018. Nina is currently working on a follow-up to L.A. LAND, and she is also in development on her second feature film. 

A classically trained pianist for over 15 years, Nina uses her knowledge of rhythm and timing to inform her work as a writer, director and editor. Nina’s work is narrative driven, and is heavily inspired by music and pop culture. 

Fun Fact: She almost got “Slayer!” tattooed on her thigh at age 17.